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Ron is age 39 yr , height 5'8 , 190lbs ,
wants children - Boca Raton ,Fl
Looking for the right girl


Ron is a Real Estate Investor -Rehab Developer and Broker in Boca Raton FL

My Perception of an Ideal Relationship:
As I start approaching my fortieth birthday
I would like to meet the right person to have a life with and or family.
I would like to have Complete and utter comfort with that person and where I can be myself around her without feeling judged. She can sit and be watching TV and i can be on the computer and we are entirely content. I only have eyes for you, you only have eyes for me and we communicate this verbally, physically and often. Fights are rare and when we do get into it, we don't stop talking until we've reached some sort of peace. Unparalleled companionship, unprecedented generosity and unconditional love grant us the foundation for a lasting long-term relationship.

I love to treat a girl like a princess, and i hope they appreciate my love, and share in my dreams!


Travel, going out movies, nice dinners, tennis , riding bike , computes , business
theater, giving and getting gifts ( :
Ronald Schwartzman property investments also is a broker
that works with real estate and property investments.

Further he is Boca Raton FL who is the
broker of record and site designer for the sites Listed below
listed below.

Internet companies
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