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RI and J Finacial Inc.

Loan Programs, Real Estate
Bad credit loans on single family homes !
equity based loans

Rates start at 7.9%
Please call for Details 561 392 2450

in broward and palm beach county

RI and J Finacial Inc.

Financing Real Estate South Florida
Plam Beach County and Broward County

Financing Loan Programs, Real Estate Bad credit loans on single family homes<

Details 561 392 2450

Loan Programs

Fixed Rate Mortgages
The most common type of mortgage program where your monthly payments for interest and principal never change.
Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM)
These loans begin with an interest rate that is lower than a comparable fixed rate mortgage, but the rate changes at specified intervals.

Standard ARMS and the Differences
Choosing an ARM with an index that reacts quickly lets you take full advantage of falling interest rates.

Introductory Rate ARM's
Most ARM's have a low introductory rate, which is good anywhere from 1 month to as long as 10 years.

London Inter Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR)
LIBOR is the rate on dollar-denominated deposits, also know as Eurodollars, traded between banks in London.

Balloon Mortgages
Short term mortgages that have some features of a fixed rate mortgage.

Interest Rate Buydowns
The buyer would pay points above current market points in order to pay a below market interest rate during the first two years of the loan. At the end of the two years they would then pay the old market rate for the remaining term.

Cost of Funds Index (COFI)
The ratio of the dollar amount paid in interest during the month to the average dollar amount of the funds for that month constitutes the weighted average cost of funds ratio for that month.

Graduated Payment Mortgage (GPM)
With a GPM the payments are usually fixed for one year at a time.

Compare Programs
The right type of mortgage for you depends on many different factors. Or, Apply Now!

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Tel: 954.568.2787 ext 127

ask for howard

At Bancplus Home Mortgage Center, you can always count on:

Fast Approvals
We use our top of the line technology to cut down on processing time and can often give you a pre-approval within hours.

Free Pre-Qualifications and Consultations
Let us help you find the perfect program for you! We have a variety of programs that are designed to help you, no matter what your situation is!