A letter sent in from one our readers about The artist house and Robert the Doll

A letter about robert the doll of key west and the artist house ...
Enjoyed reading your information regarding"Robert the doll".

Though I can not speak directly for the doll, I did live in the Artist House from
1991 to 1993 and can tell you definitively that there was some strange activity going on
in the Artist house the entire time I worked there as an assistant manager.

True there were many stories circulating both before I moved in and after I left. You know
is the house haunted etc. I never really put all the pieces together though until after I left that the
things I was experiencing had to have been paranormal activity. Not really one to believe in that
sort of thing. What else could have explained the drops in temperature, the sounds of footsteps,
and the constant calling of my name from room to room knowing I was the only one in the house.
I don't talk about it much anymore. Understandably. I was never scared or afraid in the house by
myself. It was a beautiful Victorian complete with large rooms and aside from these events a privilege
to be living in such conditions. However whatever the energy was in that house wanted to make sure
that you knew you were only the hired help there. I think the entity was that of a "man" who was not
particularly fond of me being in his home, and let me know that on several occasions. I was once
awakened from a deep sleep by an angry mans voice telling me to "get-out". Just one instance.

If you talk to the people there today running the inn. They will swear to you that there is no such thing. Yes they
will laugh with you and give you that undiscerning look like " Are you kidding " Funny thats what we did too, how
else would you sell a million dollar plus property. And as for Robert the doll. Who knows, I never saw him.
Feel free to use this information.

Take care...

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