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Your Here Robert the Doll of the Key West !
and Haunted horror stories and ghosts stories from Key West Florida
Robert the doll of Key West Florida
Ghosts Haunting's
carmela libo-on

Robert the Doll
and haunted
horror stories from Key West

key west florida
haunted tours.

Places to stay in key west

The artist house

stay at a ghost house ??
Artist house of key west
The former home of Robert the doll

Robert the Doll
and haunted horror stories and ghosts stories from Key West Florida
robert the doll of key west florida ghosts

Meet Robert The doll of key west.
Robert the doll of key west florida ghosts tours at.
And see more photos and read more about Robert The Doll.

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Florida real estate, MLS, robert the doll of key west florida ghosts
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The original "Chucky," Robert the Doll, has been said to
resemble everything from Michael Jackson to Curious George.
the story starts now !!!!

robert the doll
A ghost or a voodo doll
Short movie first ..
After the movie, there are some stories and interesting Photos. !

recent film of robert the doll
person talking seems to have speech problems !


Robert the doll Caught on film on a ghost tour in Key West

Rober the doll of key west
ahira Aleman photos

A picture
that was
sent to us
The Doll
showing up on film on
the ghost tour in key west

In the pictures below first show Robert The Doll is not there, and the picture is blurry.
Then the doll is there!!!
then the doll was gone !!!!!

Maybe the owners of robert became ghosts??
did the doll move, was it a voodoo doll

The Story in the keys is that
Robert the doll was given to Gene Otto when he was a child by employees of Haitian decent as a gift, but people believe it was a voodoo doll to curse the Ootto family. Anyway Gene Otto liked his doll, kept, it and Gene grew up to become a strange man.
People in the keys said the doll has moved, or moves, like the chucky doll (in child's play) in the horror movies

We here are still working on getting a pictures of the doll moving !!


Robert was the doll of Robert Gene Otto, an artist who lived in the same house all his life. When Gene, as he was called, was given the doll he was five years old. It was the custom around 1900 to give a child a doll that looked like him. Robert the doll is the size of a child. He has human hair, and buttons for eyes. Gene used to dress the doll in his own clothes. He also gave it his first name Robert.

"I've been told, that when Gene did anything mean or hateful he always blamed it on the doll. People say the doll did bad things.
One student , one winter while there in the house with robert. Claims that the doll was voodoo and it locked him and others up in the attic. Gene's new wife claimed to be attacked and locked in the attic as well by the doll. A plumber was also strangely hit from behind and claims he saw the doll move back to his chair in the room by the attic.
Was that true? Possibly. But it is a fact that many people have reported strange experiences in the house, whether or not Robert was causing them.
Many people claim to have seen Robert the Doll sitting by the window waving at them as they would pass by the home ( the artist house in key west) on the street in the 1920's -1950's

The new home of
Robert The Doll

East Martello Museum
in key west , fl

robert the doll
The Artist house of key west
is the
Former home of robert the doll
You can visit Robert the Doll at East Martello in Key West , FL.
One of Robert's favorite activities is to prevent his photo
from being taken. Visitors have reported a variety of camera
malfunctions and Robert's favorite trick is to black out his
own photo, while leaving the remaining film unharmed. He
frequently creates electric and electronic fluctuations and has
been said to move his toy lion from one knee to the other
and to tap on his glass display case

While haunted doll stories are not uncommon, the case of Robert is unique in that so many claim to have witnessed his evil first-hand. Visitors who have seen him claim to have witnessed his expression changing into a menacing smirk, and a plumber once fled from the house claiming he heard the doll giggle.

Robert, still dressed in his white sailor's suit and clutching his stuffed lion, has also reportedly pulled pranks aplenty on those who care for him. A museum employee once cleaned Robert and left for the evening, locking the doors behind him and shutting off the lights. When he arrived the next day, several lights, including the one near Robert's case, were on. Also, Robert was placed differently than when the employee last saw him. Stranger still, the bottoms of Robert's shoes were coated in fresh dust as though he'd been walking around the museum. More than once, employees have reported hearing a sound like someone tapping on glass as they pass Robert's case. When they turn to look, they have seen Robert's hand pressed against the glass.
The Selez family has also claimed to see
the doll move ..

or a copy of the article above is located here if the above site is down ....
To learn more about Robert the doll

Robert the doll
s robert the doll or the ghost or a vodoo


Jenneth Donato


Jenneth Donato - Ron takes Jen to the Bahamas cuase he loved her
and beleived in her

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carmela libo-on

Artist house of key west

is the
Former home of robert the doll
You can see robert the doll at
Robert's home at Fort East Martello in key west FL

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short film of us in key wes


Amityville horror
how come only one set of people that lived their
saw the ghosts??

The events that occurred on the property of 112 Ocean Avenue ( the address has been changed to 108 along with eye like windows to try and keep the tourists away), Amityville, New York, have created controversy for decades. The following is not an attempt to give voice to all opinions on those events, but is rather only a synopsis of part one of the History Channel documentary on the subject. As is the case with all documentaries listed on this site, it does not necessarily represent the views of the webmaster.
Amityville, located on New York's Long Island, is a historically rich community. Annie Oakley made her home there at one point, and even George Washington passed through, "supping" in town on April 21, 1790. However, to the minds of most people, Amityville is famous for one reason: 112 Ocean Avenue, the Amityville Horror house.

The property is rumored to have been the location of a Native American power spot--a burial ground, no less--and is also supposed to have been, at one point, the site of devil worship. While those stories are unsubstantiated, we do know a few things about the property. The infamous house was built in about 1924 for John Moynihan. It was actually the second house in which Moynihan lived on the property. He decision to move the first house off the property was either the result of a history of "trouble" or of a desire to build a larger house for his growing family, according to whomever you listen to.

Several decades later, the DeFeo family moved into the house. They were a religious family; Ronald DeFeo Sr. even surrounded his home--labeled "High Hopes," according to the sign on the lawn--with religious items. DeFeo was also known to spoil his family with gifts and money. However, he also physically abused them, especially Ronnie Jr. and Mrs. DeFeo. The early seventies saw the violence in the home escalating. Ronnie Jr., who some claim was a heavy drug user, ran away from the house several times, but his father brought the troubled youth back each time. He even tried to shoot his father during an argument the older man was having with Dawn, Ronnie Jr.'s younger sister. The gun didn't go off.
The Selez family has also claimed to see

Then the night of November 13, 1974 arrives. Ronald Jr. is downstairs, watching Castle Keep, a 1969 war movie starring Burt Lancaster. The real events of that night are obscured in misconception, mystery, and perhaps lies, but we do know that Ronnie at least had a part in murdering each member of his family. He later claimed that a person "with black hands" gave him a high-powered rifle and instructed him to kill his family, whom he "heard" conspiring to do the same to him.

At first, DeFeo claims to the police that it was a mafia hit, but soon thereafter admits his culpability. He is tried and found guilty. DeFeo still inhabits a cell in Green Haven Correctional Facility in Dutchess County, NY, awaiting his biannual parole hearings.

In December 1975, the Lutz family moves into the house in Amityville. Even with a lower pricetag, it is outside their budget, but despite that--and despite the fact that the real estate agent tells them about the mass murder that occurred there a little over a year before--they decide to buy the house.

For more than twenty years, the Lutzes have maintained the following story: over the course of the month they spent in the house, they experienced a terrible haunting. At first, the sourceless noises in the house seemed normal, but they stopped being so after Christmas, as scraping and banging began. Each familymember's personality changed as they each experienced different facets of the horror, creating tension. George Lutz became constantly cold, and as a result, was obsessive about keeping the fireplace going. The sickening smell of old perfume permeated the house, and black stains kept reappearing on plumbing fixtures, no matter how many times they were removed. Flies infested a room that priest "Father Ray"--Father Ralph Pecoraro--reportedly told them not to use as a bedroom. Young Missy starts talking to an imaginary friend, a pig-looking "angel" named Jodie. Calls to Father Ray are disrupted by static. And more--and more--and more. On January 14, 1976, the Lutzes fled the house, claiming to be afraid for their lives.

The Lutz family returned the house to the bank, sold all their belongings (with the exception of a cedar box built by George's grandfather that contained photographs of the children), and moved to California. However, they say that the haunting that began in Amityville did not stop there. It followed them wherever they went, ending years later, only when the exorcist of the Archbishop of Canterbury removed it.

It is a horrifying story, but how much of it is true? Is it the result of some rare, supernatural event that actually happened? A mass hallucination caused by the pressure of living in a house where a mass murder had occurred? Or a hoax, purposefully executed by people looking for money, attention, or both? These questions have interested people for decades, and are the basis of the second part of this series, Amityville: Horror or Hoax.

The haunted Flower
The haunted Flower
is a demon disguised as a person.
It carries germs, diseases and is possessed with demons
one of the most evil things that you can encounter,
very dangerous and deadly.
People have claimed that the thing does evil , and the deceit the thing does is beyond belief, people are warned to stay clear of this demon. This demon can be violent, steal, and trick
it is close to satan!!!!
Ok, I know your question. How do you spot this demon?
The answer, it is hard and we hope soon
we can add info to this story that can help ...



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Artist house of key west
former home of robert the doll

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